Want to increase your productivity or reduce workload in your company or organization? Leave planner is actually vital to ensure availability of right staff in the office while giving official leaves or other types of leaves asked by your employees. Managing this can be confusing or time consuming, however you can now simplify this process with getting web based employee leave planner excel. You can make your system more secure and more manageable with controlling the leaves of your employees.

As the businesses grow number of employees in the business also grow. Leave administration may become difficult with the time, however this is now actually possible with getting web based employee leave planner excel. It is easy to share on multiple devices and online with all of your business employees. Anyone can now get the leave they desire without causing any loss to business.


Components of Web Based Employee Leave Planner Excel

Decrease down your payroll costs with introducing this template at your business place. Here are the key components for this excel worksheet:

Column 1: Start entering all of your employees name in the column. Don’t forget any of the employee as this is the leave planner for your company. You are free to use it for any kind of workplace.

Column 2: In this column you need to enter the number of total holidays allowed in office or the official holidays. The heading here is allocation. This may differ for the company to company or for the specific year.

Column 3 & 4: This is the time to fill the days taken and days left. This web based employee leave planner excel is for the year therefore you need to fill the number of days taken and days left for the entire year.

Employee Attendance Tracker for Small Business in Access Templates Access 2016

2nd part of the table

This template actually comprises of the table which is further divided into 2 parts. One part details and components are mentioned above while 2 part of the table is now described here.

The chart is available for each month of the year and each month is then further divided into the weeks and the working days. Depending on the specific employee and the leaves taken by him/her they are marked as some specific color on the specific dates to show the type of leave and the date for it!


You need to select the specific color for each type of leave. This indicates in the template the type of leave taken by your employee. For example, red for the full day, yellow for the free day, orange for the half day, green for the public holiday, pink for the sick day, dark green for training and blue for others.

For more detail on web based employee leave planner excel template, you can contact Either Template124 or Access-Tracker for getting that template.

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