Fully custom expense management system in access database template. Looking for fleet or vehicle expense management template or maintenance monthly or weekly. In US you must inspect your vehicle and approve from authority for local use. Without this you can’t drive. So complete vehicle checklist of expenses and require for inspection of maintenance weekly, these access template help you.

Vehicle maintenance using these template is so easy, if you are driving “Cab” than you should aware for such thing like (oil Changing, Cooling System, brake oil) Etc. So access base database template helping you to remind such things.

Time Hour Tracking Database Template {Access}

Vehicle Maintenance Template Access

Using this template you can add new vehicle in line-up, so you can use this single tool for multiple vehicle. It’s also useful for showroom and other Taxi service companies in U.S and U.K.

Step 1

Click on Tab “New Vehicle” and you can see further three section as you can see in image;

  • Vehicle
  • Past Expense
  • Future Expense


In vehicle Tab enter some values i.e. (Year, Make, Model Color, License Plate No, VIN No, Purchase Date, Purchase Price, Purchase mileage, sold date, sold price and mileage). Also you can discuss any other in “Note” section.

Future & Past Expense: – In this section enter these values like (ID, Service Description, Service Date, Mileage, Cost and Shop). Same things you can enter in “Future Expense Tab”.

New Expense:-

Click on Main Tab “New Expense” and enter some detail I.e. (Service Description, Vehicle, Service Date, Mileage, Attachment (if any), Shop, and Warranty No. In addition you can mention some extra in “Note” section below.

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After putting values during adding new vehicle, you can track through particular Id of that vehicle in front dashboard section. Through this you can add multiple vehicle at a time with any issues or bug in car during working phase. Vehicle Maintenance Access Template is for you, if you want some more changing than Contact us.

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