Vehicle Log Book Format Excel

Vehicle Log Book Format Excel is the very unique and most popular template used worldwide, because it helps an owner to track the information about his vehicle maintenance, repair, and many others which I will describe below.

Many rental car services companies like uber and careem which provides you a driver to move to your destiny at time with safe and sound car and trained drivers, they use this template for complete tracking that who is driving at this time. Which driver own his own car and which is driving company’s car or a vehicle how many time he fueled the car and how much cost is incurred? Basically it provides a maintenance and core benefits associates when you want to sell your car, the buyer must require this template in shape of card.

Manage Your Vehicle Log Book Monthly

In the many develop countries the car maintenance and service center provides a customer database in which it is specified that how many time the vehicle gets maintain, repair, denting & painting, fueling engine service, engine oil change and many others. The benefit is that when the owner want to sell it he just simply log in and show the database results with the customer to whom he want to sell the car.

The implementation of this template is added new feature In your logistics department ERP system so a company should came to know how to keep its  assets, how many amount or proportionate they set to depreciate the asset like their trucks, loaders, cranes and many other vehicles. Below I will tell you this template benefits and how to use it and what are the most common points one should consider while implemented this template.

Vehicle Log Book Format Excel

Advantages of Vehicle Log Book Format Excel

As its core benefit is that all the data is clearly record on the dates when one should make changes in their vehicles. Following are the few advantage of applying or using this template:

  1. Electronic data recording.
  2. Accurate information.
  • No chances of biasness in record.
  1. Asset evaluator.
  2. Provides a checklist of what is happening with your car.
  3. Cost reduction.
  • Less time taking in filling the information.
  • Complete tracking of your car maintenance, fueling, and driver who is driving that vehicle.
  1. Play a core role in your care value increasing when you want to sell it
  2. Also helps you to tell how many vehicles you have and how much you need to meet the standard or capacity?
  3. Reliable data source.

How to implement it?

First of all you have to know about its advantages and then apply it on your business. Following are some most common and widely accepted range of items that one should keep in view when implemented it:

  1. Vehicle brand name, model, reg. number & owner.

In this head all these information should write for better tracking.

  1. Daily check (DAYS), tires, lights, wipers etc.:

On daily bases the audit and overview checking is done to avoid loss, or to bear loss.

  • Fueling dates & traveling record:

In this head the fueling dates and time of fueling is specify to control or sight the cost incur by company, and traveling record is maintain in a sense to repair or maintain the vehicle.

Download:- Vehicle Log Book Format Excel

The use of Vehicle Log Book Format excel is widely acceptable to use and provide convenience to all its users globally.

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