Microsoft Access is a DBMS database management system. It manages all the information hence, it is an information supervision instrument that helps us and the small-medium sized organizations to store, disseminate, information and data for the analysis and for the daily use. It is designed for the small, medium sized businesses and organizations. It can manage data better than the other applications like Microsoft Excel and other databases. You can increase productivity by using Access.

It also aids you to minimize the chances of data redundancy, data misleading information, missing errors. As well as it gives you the total control and validation capabilities that excel sheet not provides. Therefore, it is a best database management System that gives you control and minimize the errors. It is the part of Microsoft office suite which is not with all versions of office.

Things Included in Microsoft Access:

  1. Tables
  2. Relations
  3. Inquiries
  4. Methods
  5. Reports
  6. Instructions
  7. Components

For What it is Used for in WORKPLACE:

Use of Microsoft Access in Workplace

At workplace, mostly we want to make records, schedules, reports of financial summary, employee salary schedules, database of employees etc. No business can be fruitful if it will not maintain records properly, and not make their employees and customers databases for the use in future and for analysis. It Helps us to make the following schedules and reports:

  1. Economic reports
  2. Employees database
  3. Customer database
  4. Salary/ wage schedule
  5. Employees attendance sheets
  6. Data of salary
  7. Effective and efficient Database management


Economic Reports

Microsoft access helps the organization to make the financial or fiscal reports at the end of the year. That reports may be monthly, bi-annually, semi-annually. If an admin or a financial analyst wants to report and make financial reports of the business so access helps him bitterly and efficiently manages the database.

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Budget Tracking School Management

Employee Database:

Employee database is very crucial to make for a business use. Mostly we need to maintain the employee database. Employee database includes everything each and every information about employee. What is name of the employee, I.D of employee, Contact, address, social media accounts detail, his/her salary information, these all should be maintained as a database in the Microsoft Access.

Customer Database:

Customer database is the relevant data about the customers. Customers database management is also mandatory for the tracking of the customers and to maintain the records about a customer.

Salary/ Wage Schedule:

Salary record maintenance is also very crucial for a business. If you are an administrative employee of  a business so. Microsoft access helps you to maintain records about the salary of your each employee and access to this sheet is also very easy.

Employee Attendance Sheets:

It also provides easy and ready to made employee attendance sheets to maintain the employee record. It can also use in a workplace to keep attendance records.

Database Management:

Microsoft access is use for management of the data. The database of every record is needed and as well as mandatory in the workplace. So, it helps to maintain the database moreover, we can easily access the informational data from anywhere and can disseminate in seconds.

In conclusion, Use of Microsoft Access in Workplace is a very useful tool to maintain a database for every important thing in details.

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