SEO Competitor Analysis Report Template

With right SEO competitor analysis, you are actually able to learn about the successful channels, which are actually a cause of success for your competitors! Moreover, SEO is about using white hat strategies and techniques to bring target audience to your business website! Your competitors for the SEO are not o and business getting your audience; in fact they are using the same keywords as you.

By seeing where our competitors are strongest and weakest, we can determine how difficult it will be to outperform them and the amount of resources that it will take to do so.” (According to John Reinesch at Moz)

To tell the truth, getting the higher ranking in the search engine is not only about using the right SEO techniques and strategies, in fact it is about identifying your competitors and then highlighting the channels and mediums which are generating those most of the traffic and back links!

SEO Competitor Analysis Report Template Content

Evaluate your SEO techniques with this template & here are the main components of it:

Row 1: Check out the content of the template which need to be filled to determine the competitors and making their analysis. The row consists of headings, your company, competitor 1, competitor 2, and competitor 3.

SEO Competitor Analysis Report Template

Row 2: Moz rank- fill the moz rank for your company and the 3 competitors. Competitor comparison matters!

Row 3: inbound links- high quality inbound links are worthy for the SEO and traffic for your website! Fill the inbound links for your company and the competitors!

Row 4: Blog and RSS feed- fill the entire row with the blog found or blog not found. If blog is found, mention the grade as well! This is vital for effective comparison. Fill the entire row with RSS feed found or RSS feed not found!

Row 5: Social media buzz- bookmarking is the most effective and common technique to get links and traffic from the social media. Fill the row five with the bookmarks found for your company and the competitors! Do add number of google buzz here as well!

Row 6: Twitter Grade: Twitter is the form of social media most popular over the internet! Fill this row with the google grade for all!

Row 7: Domain PR- the higher the domain authority is, the more good and worthy is the website according to the google and other search engines! You need to determine the value of your website and compare it with your competitors here!

SEO Competitor Analysis Report Template Pros

Here are some of the key benefits of the template:

  • It provides you the easy and effective way of making on-page or off-page competitor analysis.
  • You are able to compare your business website report with the 3 competitors and you are even able to add more!
  • Improve your SEO strategy and techniques to get the better links and more traffic with the quick and smart analysis!

This SEO competitor analysis report template is available in Microsoft word format for more documentation and other project management.

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