Looking for HR Manager Template i.e. (Recruitment Tracker) in Database format? Let’s help you to get this template easy. Applicant’s management in each department isn’t an easy task if you are a manager of company, which has thousands of employees. Some systematic MIS system or other cloud base data management tools/software has been using in major companies. So you can manage through this “recruitment tracker” on monthly to daily basis.

Monthly tends to rejection sheet, applicants hiring source to best source, you can arrange multiple things at a time. Just click and get record of hiring applicants at any time.

Recruitment Manager Database Format

Here is some main things or “Section” point out in this template. You just need to fill some sheet, other will auto calculate and direct to dashboard section.


Applicant Hiring Summary

In which you can get summarize information about “Hired”, “Apps per hire”, Days to hire and cost per hire on each applicants.

You can also review “open positions” and “Days in MKT”.

Features of Recruitment Template

Let’s check some main benefit of this template

  • Just Paste Employee ID for getting Report
  • Dashboard for entire activity
  • On-site interview and Phone screening management
  • 300 Plus Applicants management
  • Decline Reasons

Applicant’s sources

In which you can get detail of which source is the best valuable or payback for example (LinkedIn or Job placement site). For example you place job in social media channel or job placement site, and you receive many C.V from social media but selected candidates from site, so you can differentiate between easily between qualities over quantity.

This will easily judge about “expense and costing” and future planning about any applicants.

Recruitment manager database format in excel is easy way to control each and every HR system. You can easily maintain record for every applicants and follow-on different interview level. We also plan regarding employee payroll and attendance data, so you can manage entire employee tracking system either leave or holidays.

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