Complete inventory management through access template. In this template you can create multiple user (Product) for accessing database after login. Manage “New purchase order” to “New customer” with statistical data of “Active Inventory” to “Record inventory” and dashboard reporting for analysis. You can also call new product database management, purchase stock template and others.

Describe template section by section, so that easy to create database for each project category. Thousands of Access user use this template for daily, monthly and yearly record for their huge product line-up.

Product Inventory Database Template

Every new purchase you manage here and record monthly basis;

New Product

For enter data of “New Product” In this section you submit some particular product regarding detail like;

  • Product ID
  • Project Name
  • Category
  • Supplier
  • Standard Cost
  • List Price

Description and attachment you can paste if require.

Product (Inventory Level, Need Restocking)

I submit sample data in this line-up so check section by section;

  • ID
  • Product Name
  • On Hand
  • Allocated
  • Available
  • Shrinkage
  • On Order
  • Current Level, Target & Below Level
  • Purchase

Product (Discounted Products)

In this section you can enter discounted products and enter sub-information i.e. (Product Name, Category, Supplier, Standard cost and list price).

Product (Category)

Mention product category in front of set “ID”

Product (Supplier)

Each particular information regarding suppliers like;

  • Company
  • Fist & Last Name
  • E-Mail & FAX
  • Job Title
  • Contacts Details (Home & personal PH)

Order Section

Click to “New Order” tab and fill that form as you enter information (Order Date, Employee, Customer, Status, Shipped Date, Payment Date, Shipping Fee, Taxes, and Order Total).

Order (Need Invoicing)

In which such details you must enter like;

  • Order ID
  • Order Date
  • Employee, Customer and Status
  • Shipped Date, Payment Date and shipping Fee
  • Taxes
  • Order Total

Order (Ready to Ship)

All detail above “Need Invoicing” just enter “Shipped Date” in section.

Order (Awaiting Payments)

Just editing in section “Status” regarding (invoiced or shipped).

Order (Competed order)

Enter Name of Customer who complete particular order in particular time against total order cost.

Order (Customer and Shipper Information)

Contact detail of customer & shipper enter in this section with their Email address, PH No, and others.

Purchase (New Purchase Order)

Just click on left site button “New Purchase Order” and enter such information during filling form. Filter of some details in optional.

  • Supplier (Created By, Submitted by, Closed By)
  • Date (Expected Date, Created Date, Submitted Date, Closure Date)
  • Purchased Detail (Product, Quantity, Unit Cost, Total Price)
  • Inventory Receiving (Product, Quantity, Date Received, post to Inventory)
  • Payment Information (Payment type, Payment Date, Payment Note)

Other Detail in Purchase section

  • Awaiting Approval
  • Inventory receiving
  • Completed purchase
  • Suppliers

Reporting Section

Using this section you can generate report according to desire period of time and print.

  • Customer List
  • Active Orders
  • Suppliers List
  • Yearly Sales
  • Quarterly Sales
  • Monthly Sales

Advance Section

Record other information of;

  • Customer
  • Suppliers
  • Employee
  • Categories
  • Shippers

Dashboard (Product Inventory Database Template)

Although Access dashboard isn’t like MS excel, but still you can manage many things in single screen. In this template dashboard divide in two section.

  • Active Orders
  • Inventory To Records

Active Orders

In this dashboard you can review order date against particular “ID”, status (Invoiced, Shipped and NEW), Sales person and customer name. Also overview of company, subtotal and order total.



Inventory to Records

In this section you can check product database statistics like;

  • Product Name and ID
  • Available, Target and Current Level
  • Restock


So this all about great purchase order access template or may call it Product Inventory Database Template. For any type of information regarding this template of access, you can contact us.

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