Medical Billing Invoice Template

Medical Billing Format Template is use for the patient’s medical report tracking. This template is useful for clinics, hospital that has their own medical stores and who issue medicines on their own. It helps you to forget about the notebooks that are really a mess and as well as a unprofessional way to invoice a customer. Therefore, now forget about the manual holding of notebooks, to write a prescription on to it.

This template helps the clinics and hospitals to record the information of their billing or invoice of customers. You can have records save. You can access it from anywhere you want. On that invoice, includes the name and address, contact and prescription of the patient. So, that you can easily look for the old receipts.

Advantages of using Medical Billing Format Template:

  1. It is easy to use
  2. Easy record maintenance
  3. Efficient way to record Keeping
  4. Access From everywhere
  5. Printable

How to Use it:

There are 5 sections to fills with data that are following manner:

  • Company Details Section
  • Patient detail section
  • Patient’s Medicine Details
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Billing and Signature

Company Details Section:

Company details section includes every information about the clinic/ hospital like name, logo, slogan (if any). The following are included in the company section:

Medical Billing Invoice Template

  • Name

Primarily, the name of the clinic should be written on the top of the template. It mandatory to represent a business.

  • Slogan

Slogan is the Tagline that your business has as for memorable business. So, it is optional to write the slogan but it looks catchy to have it on the format.

  • Address

The main address of your clinic or hospital should also be enter in the sheet. The site where the clinic is.

  • Logo

The logo is the picture or the display picture that contains either the name or a picture clipart to represent business graphically. That should also be entered in the right side of the template.

  • Business contact
  • Website URL

Patient’s Detail Section:

Patient detail section includes the following:

  • Patient name
  • Address: address of the patient must be mentioned in the template
  • Contact
  • Gender: gender of the patient in terms of male/ female must be mentioned
  • Age: age of the patient should be there.
  • Date: current date of the invoice
  • Due date: due date to make payment of the medicine.

Medicine Description:

Medicine section includes:

  • Serial number: medicine’s serial number
  • Description: description of the medicine that for which disease it is for and when to take it.
  • Quantity: Quantity of that medicine to purchase
  • Per unit price: Per unit price of that medicine you may need.
  • Amount Total: total amount calculated automatically.

Terms And conditions:

Terms and conditions of that pharmacy are also mentioned on the format. That what is the return policy of the medicine and the cash payments etc.

Signature & Billing Section:

Billing section includes the sub total of the bill and tax rate, tax, discount deduction is also made in the bill and then the total amount to be paid for will be written in the words below.

Signature of the invoice prepare a d his/her designation is also be mentioned in the medical billing format template therefore, you can have record of the receipt with you and for the patient or contact us Access-Tracker.

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