Outstanding Payment Format in Excel

OUTSTANDING PAYMENT format in excel used to formally and professionally write all the overdue payments invoice. Excel-Base template (2007 to 20016) format is using for creating custom tools. Managing the business Payments is very important and for the service Business Recovery of payment from customers is a very important thing without losing the customers.

After the expiry of the maturity dates, it is not a good manner to ask a customer for payment. Because of the payment you after you asking but never will again back to your organization.

  1. Use in Financial forecasting for businesses
  2. Use in Creating Cash flow statement & Balance sheet
  3. Help in creating expense budget template

Therefore, it is an important thing to learn a way we ask formally to a customer without losing them. This format of the letter will help you to professionally ask a customer to make payments that are due to them. So, the customer would understand. This payment format also helps you to formally request the customer for payment after maturity.

Outstanding Payment FORMAT In Excel:

  1. Formal way to communicate
  2. Professional documentation
  3. Records of the payments
  4. Easy to use
  5. Readymade
  6. Best practice

Guide to use it Best:

There are 16 QUICK Steps to fill this Template easily:

Customer Detail Section:

in customer Detail section, it contains all the necessary information about the customer.

Outstanding Payment Format in Excel

  1. Customer Name: Customer name to whom this letter you want to send must be written here.
  2. Address: Address of the customer also must be written in the address form
  3. City/ state: City or state of the customer must be mention.
  4. Telephone: Contact number of the customer also must be written here.
  5. Date: The date on which the letter is types to send it to the customer must be mention.
  6. Name: the name of the customer is mentioned in front of Dear word means to whom it is being written.
  7. Outstanding balance: Outstanding balance is the Due amount from customers that amount must be written here.
  8. Invoice Number: Invoice number must be mention
  9. Invoice date: Date of writing Invoice
  10. Due date: The maturity date or due date of the payment must be write here.
  11. Amount: Total amount that the customer liable to pay is mention here in words.
  12. Description

Description of the payment that, which item the customer purchases and the total payment of the customer due. If customer is paying in installments, then installments detail also mention here.

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  1. Total Due

The amount due on the customers must be written here.

  1. Sender’s Name:

The sender means a company, who is sending this request or a person, who is sending on the behalf of company the name must be mention below sincerely.

  1. Print name: stamp of the company
  2. Company

All things considered, this outstanding payment format in excel would help you to make formal request in a professional way and lose no customer in return.


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