It’s a part of project management, so download Microsoft Access base multiple project tracking template (Database tracker). In PM template this call issue tracker or bug detector. Although there is various other tools like Gantt char, Project planner with time-line scheduling management use for database tracking during working on multiple projects.

Simple but effective database for keeping eye on multiple projects perform by multiple “Employee”. Each task define by particular eye you can overview after login in this template. You can add multiple projects, Tasks, employees and also “Add from Outlook” or E-mail List.

Multiple Project Tracking Database Template

MS Access makes easy project management for you. You can get free template and operate multiple tasks through it. Without VBA coding you can easily add and remove items in database easily.

In basic overview of template you can see;

  • Project List (Multiple Project “Tasks”
  • Employee list (Employee Who perform particular tasks)

Adding New Project

First of all, click on “New project” button you can experience a form divide by two section “project detail” “project task”.

Project Detail

In this section fill some important values like;

  • Owner (Must Add Prior)
  • Category
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Start and Ending Dates
  • Budget
  • Budget in Days

In addition, you can add some Note, and review “Balance of Days” and “Total task Cost” of particular project.


Project Task

In which section you can enter task related information for overviewing in dashboard section.

  • Title of Task
  • Assign To
  • Start and Due Date
  • Priority
  • Status
  • % of Completion

2nd Part of Multiple Project Tracking Access Template

In 2nd part you may enter information of “Employee” who perform particular task so you can assign task or project in other section.

  • ID
  • Employee First & Last Name
  • Post Title
  • Company
  • PH & FAX & Email

In addition, So these tracking access template for project management you can use during initial project planning phase of life-cycle also. If you want to add more values and item in this project with some chart and time-line visuals so contact us.


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