Free database template for price comparison in Microsoft Access. You can also use as quotation or product comparison template for small business management. You can add or delete product against price tracking. You can easily identify which is the top selling/valuable product which not? Using product price comparison you can easily judge and create sheet week by week basis, so further helping you in month comparison.

You can use this template in any kind of stock inventory management. This will help you to identify actual amount of product been purchase in last month. You can also evaluate product according to different brand of market. Some marketing student also need this small software badly for creating assignment.

Price Comparison Access Template

So let’s start how you can use this software for tracking product in each specify category against different price?


Find Product

You can see two section;

  • Add new favorites
  • Track Price

Just click on “Add New Favorites” and enter Name of particular product. After click on “Track Price” and enter some information like;

  • Product, Store, Note
  • Product URL
  • Unit & shipping Price
  • Tax and other charges
  • Quantity & unit cost

Product Inventory Database Template for Access

After input values click on “Track & close” for close this window. Now after in second value “Track Prices” just select in “Product search bar and store in store search bar. After selection you can see your previous entries in first row of that sheet.  You just need to enter “Price date” in specify row.

Reporting & Analysis Comparison Sheet

In this sheet you can collect and print reporting according to sub-categories of comparison like;

  • Store Comparison
  • Product Comparison
  • Product History

Advance Product Comparison sheet

In this sheet you can add separate product and track separately, so either enter product ID or click “New” you can review attachment column.



Using this you can attach some product images or other document if necessary.


So if you want some changes in price comparison access template, than Contact us.

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