Project Management

Project Manager—Key Person to Project’s Success

Project manager is the person who has a bundle of responsibilities to look after. He is responsible to scrutinize all the aspects starting from defining the scope of the project till creating schedules, monitoring progress reports and documentation. It can be said that a project manager is accountable for overall success or failure of the project.

In order to take the project to the extent of success, the project manager needs to keep all the details and MS Access is surely an appropriate tool for accomplishing the purpose of keeping track of entire the records regarding project.

Why MS Access?

Today as the world is evolving in a fast manner, projects are becoming more complex and comprehensive. All the information and particulars need to be kept back to lessen the chances of project risk.

It is the accurate tool to use as it has the capability to store and deploy project’s data rapidly. It works as an information management tool for the project managers in the time period of a few minutes. MS Access is easy to install, integrate and use.

Project Management

It is cost efficient and saves the precious time of the managers so they can invest that time in other project activities. MS Access is a part of Microsoft Office suite of tools which makes the data easily available. It contains tables for holding large information, forms for editing and viewing the information, reports for summarizing and printing reports. Access also overcomes the constraints met in storing a large amount of data.

User Friendly Aspects of Access

One of the main reasons for Access being the consistent choice, is that it is less costly. Unlike another database MySQL or Oracle, it is cost effective and does not require a large setup. Access can play a vital part to lead the project towards success by its ability to import many data set-ups easily, so there is no loss of data, as data is a significant thing of the project. In this way.

it can save much of the manager’s time and efforts. Furthermore, Access is easy to acquire and master even for those who are beginners and don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding the management of database.

Templates—Save Time and Excessive Efforts

Access provide many built in templates to its users, which are equip with all the apparatuses of Access and available for use. These templates consist of (forms, tables, modules, reports) and other essential components that are already created. The template is reusable and can be use on various systems, so the project manager does not need to create a form every time, instead the template can be re-use. Templates increase the constancy, reduces chances of mistakes and ensure the full accomplishment of a document.


All the actualities state above conclude that MS Access is a project manager’s tool. It helps to create databases in a time and cost saving manner, in addition to the guarantee of keeping the track of data efficiently, driving to the project’s success.


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