Logistics Tracking Template Excel

Logistics tracking template in excel is used by the sales or marketing managers to track the sales they have made in the particular year or month.  They can also track the sales weekly by using this template. Sales tracking is very important form the perspective of the given sales targets and quotas by the department to the sales managers or the sales team. It is very important to track the sales by weekly or monthly basis in order to see the goals that the team is accomplishing or not.

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It is vital for you to have a straightforward alternative accessible concerning following deals, and you will find that a Sales Tracking Template can give you exactly what you require. You ought to have the capacity to rapidly and effectively fill in data as to the deals that occurred, and you will have the capacity to do that through the assistance that is found in a Sales Tracking Template. You can track all that you have to track in a straightforward and simple way when you have a format accessible to you, something that will make it simple for you to fill things in and make everything proficient.

You don’t have a great deal of time to waste, and you will find that a logistics Tracking Template can enable you to track deals in a short measure of time. You will spare time when you have a logistics Tracking Template accessible to you, something that you will have the capacity to put to utilize and that will influence your following to work simple to finish. In the event that you are hoping to track deals without investing a considerable measure of energy doing that, you will have the capacity to utilize such a layout to help you the most in tracking the sales.

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Benefits of Logistics Tracking Template Excel:

  1. Tracking sales could ensure that goals are meeting or not
  2. The performance of the sales team can also measure.
  3. Quotas and targets information can be achieved.
  4. Ensures the sales manager performs better
  5. Helps you to forecast the next
  6. Efficient o use
  7. Efficient record taking
  8. Printable
  9. Easy to use. H

Guide to Logistics Tracking Template Excel

There are following steps to use this template that are as follows:

  1. Sales date:

First of all, mention the details about the date when the sale has been made. The date on which the product is sold to the customer.

Logistics Tracking Template Excel

  1. Product:

We must write the description of the product or name of the product that is sold to the customer.

  1. Purchase date:

The date when the specific product is purchased for the retailer or form the company.

  1. Condition:

The condition in which the product is sold must be mentioned in the terms like “new” and old” “used” etc.

  1. Where purchased:

The product is purchased form must be mentioned in the template.

  1. Unit cost:

The per unit cost of the product must be mentioned.

  1. Sales price

Must write the price on which you sold the product because that is used to calculate the gross profit margin and the ROI of the company generated from sales.

  1. Shipping

The cost of shipping must be mentioned if its not added in the price.

  1. Total fee

The total by adding the selling price and shipping the total fee must be mentioned that is paid by the customers.

  1. Payment

Payment of the customer must be mentioned.

  1. Gross profit

The gross profit margin is automatically calculated by this sheet after adding the above details.

  1. ROI in %

It is also automatically calculated by the sheet.

In conclusion, this template Logistics Tracking Template Excel helps the managers to review all the things and ensure that they are working properly or not.

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