Add servicing detail of different models of car and trucks in your job card making the professional impression of your garage to the customers through choosing the simple yet useful template and filling it appropriately.

Computer repair shop job card template lists all the parts required to be installed in hardware or software for the proper working of the computer. Garage job card template is ideal to deal with different brands of the car as well as providing satisfaction to customers whether they are placing small or bigger orders.

Asking for job card before selecting particular company or shop is common these days, as some customers are ready to make compromise over the quality however they are looking for service providers who are able to accomplish their order in a given time while others are both conscious for time and quality. Check out vehicle repair job card template for more detail.

Garage Job Card Template Format

Service invoice job card templates added here are compatible with various devices making them suitable for customers and shop owners.

  1. Invoicing: an invoice can be sent online in the email address of the customer, therefore he feels more secure making the comparison between different service providers.
  2. Eliminate traveling expense: both expenses for the customer and your shop is reduced as online templates can provide the same detail as the manual sheets does.
  3. No cost in preparing job card: you are able to use the template of 2 or more pages according to service details provided by your shop, therefore no extra expense on using additional sheets are bear.

Benefits of Garage Job Card Template

If your garage is located far away from the customer, still you are able to provide all the details; therefore getting new customers are easy.

For customers who are interested in bigger orders, discount terms can be added in the sheet, which increases the chances of getting the order increasing customers and profit for the company.

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