Download fixed assets process flow chart and disposal form in Excel and word template for project planning


To administer every action properly in the company premises and preventing any form of cheat requires proper management. This is especially true for fixed assets which have much value than the current assets and some of these are those assets, for which company have investment fortunes! Moreover, when you are purchasing fixed assets a proper process is followed from the order till the delivery.

“Flowchart is described as “cross-functional” when the page is divided into different swimlanes describing the control of different organizational units.” (According to Wikipedia).

Fixed Assets Chart for Inventory Management

For proper cost accounting purpose and using fixed assets chart with inventory management ensures management and organization at your company. This is now easy with availability of premium quality fixed assets process flow chart template available here. This is helpful in keeping account receivable and account payable updated as well! It is actually a tool also required by project managers, however the main need goes to top management!

Main Content of Fixed Assets Process Flow Chart Template

The fundamentals of the template along the process are available here:

  1. Start with Creating and manage templates for journals in the Journal names. The main names in the fixed assets process flow chart template consists of, “administration”, “basic”, “general ledger”, “inventory management”, “accounts receivable”, “accounts payable” & “fixed assets”.
  2. Administration: start entering the details in this part of the template. The flow chart goes down and here you need to fill the general ledger, journal names, depreciation book, depreciation profile, fixed asset calendars, value models, depreciation books, fixed asset group and posting profiles.
  3. Fill the details in the sections individually for, fixed assets, journals, depreciation, consumption and others! The whole form is available for each selection, select it for more!
  4. Fixed assets part consists of, journal names, depreciation book journal names, depreciation profiles, fixed asset calendars, value models, depreciation book, fixed assets group, posting profile & parameters!
  5. Journals section consists of, basic, setup, transaction text, journal names inventory and chart of accounts as well! Once filled go through it again!
  6. Depreciation and consumption sections consist of bonus depreciation, general ledger consumption units and consumption units respectively!
  7. For other part, you need to fill the revaluation groups, locations, and sorting, fixed asset statement row and provision types!

Download Scrap Disposal Request Form Excel

Don’t get confused with the color of the boxes under each section as they are available for making the template more user friendly and showing the boxes which need to be filled necessary and choices as well! For complete guidelines and user friendly guide, go through the general ledger parameters!

Once your purchasing process is linked to the above fixed assets process flow chart template it is easy to monitor, control and organize!

Download:- Fixed Assets Process Flow Chart Template

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