Equipment Maintenance Access Database Template

Equipment maintenance access database template, is a complete way of tracking the use of your assets, machinery, equipment, tools, etc. in it we have a complete tracking database about the usage of company assets, the person under which the machinery is use, the capacity of that machine.

it also help us that how the machine operator is using the machine, is he is using it under its capacity or over its capacity, or is he knows how to maintain smaller functional hazards. In this the data base also tell us that at which date the equipment is repair or maintain, who is allocate to repair that asset, what cost, what new spare parts, or what is scrap of that asset.

This all information is only track through the database system. As we know for all these we use software on a computer to track all these specific or most important information. The most important factor is the cost, if the equipment repair cost is increasing of the maintenance duration is very small, than in this case the cost of repairing increase which decrease the profitability of firm.

Advantages of using it

Equipment Maintenance access database template have following benefits:

  1. A complete tracking system.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. More efficient and more accurate information provided.
  1. Also use for service industry.
  2. A great medium which is supported by database.
  3. Less costly and can be adapted by any organization.
  • Also help to compare the period of maintenance.

Equipment Maintenance Access Database Template

How to use this?

Different firms have set it customizable, according to their resources allocation and maintenance period.

  1. Name of department.
  2. Name of machinery.
  • Type of maintenance.
  1. Name of operator.
  2. Repair date.
  3. Item name.
  • Item cost.
  • Quantity in units.
  1. Total cost (same in printed copy).
  2. Print option.
  3. Job id, machine, and cost.

Name of department:

Different firms have different department which have different equipment to maintain. For example air condition is almost is every place its maintenance also record in database.

Name of machinery/equipment:

When recording the equipment is the database all assets are recorded in database through which we track the name of machinery and equipment.

Type of maintenance:

It is specify that new items are installed or not, or they are doing a simple service to that equipment.

Name of Operator:

Also specify the name of that operator who use the machine or equipment or under whose supervision the asset is being repair or maintain.

Repair Date:

It is vary from machine to machine or from department to department.

 Item name, Cost, quantity:

Also this information is specified.

Print Option:

After completion of maintenance, physical evidence is given to maintenance record.

In description it has very importance to use Equipment maintenance access database template because of its great tracking system.

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