Customer relationship management template for order tracking in database format of access is in high demand. Using this Template, you can not only record customer data, but also track which is the most valuable client? From top to bottom line-up product according to monthly progress, you can compare with most valuable customer. So you can forecast your investing ratio in particular product.

Increase transparency during record every inquiry either you are on call or on file. Start new column for every new inquiry with complete date of particular customer.

Template Design and key Features

Template design according to organization, what type of customer and order tracking data you want to keep track?


  • Multiple Separate Sheet for Reporting
  • Country Specific Reporting
  • Separate Report for Multiple Clients

Collaborating On the Order Tracker with Your Customers

It’s very important that order tracking must compare to each customer, so you can figure out performance at the end of the month.

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Orders & invoices from your customers

Auto generate invoice or report to investors, customers and other available for print easily. So check more on customer order tracking database template for complete inventory management system.

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