Competitive analysis report is not only crucial for strategic planning in fact it is equally beneficial in planning phase for the organizations. Moreover evaluating your company strengths and weaknesses is also part of competitive analysis and it ensures improvement in the company.

Strategic planners in company consider competitive analysis report the most vital for carrying out strategic planning successfully and if done smartly it ensure coming up with the ways to deliver your message effectively to your target audience.

Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.” (According to Wikipedia)

Why doing competitive analysis?

Here are some pros of doing this:

  • It makes research and planning easy for the planners and managers.
  • There can be different types of templates available in this regard like, “gap analysis competitive analysis template”, “competitive cost analysis report” and competitive market analysis template”.
  • You are able to attract your target market efficiently.
  • It is a simple way to compare your products or services with other companies in the market.
  • You are able to get a grasp about the leading competitors and the marketing strategies they are using as well.
  • Refine the strategic decisions and ensure growth for the company in the right direction.

Components of Competitive Analysis Report Template Excel

Before going ahead let’s have a look at the key components of this template. This helps you while working on it as well:


Understanding and filling the basic part

You may see written, “your company”, “competitor no 1” and competitor no 2” on the top of table. Add your company name and your competitors in this part of template. This also depends on the type of analysis you are performing.


This part of the template is biggest one. The program ensures comparison and contrast of the highest nature. It includes high-level look of each competitor or competitor’s product. Include your own company as well so you can compare and contrast easily with the top 2 competitors in the market. You will no longer miss any major factor with this template!

Additional value

Either you are doing strategic planning or research you may need something more detailed and more than simple overview. This part of the template is actually beyond the basic overview of your company and the competitors. What value to provide your potential customer for the specific product or service depending on the value offered by your competitors?


Want to refine your strategic decisions or want to bring change in the pricing of the products or services? You may need little more details and this is covered under this section of the template. Get a little deeper into the details and stay ahead of your competitors. Don’t ignore this section of your template!

Done with filling the template? You are ready to do competitive analysis and prepare a quick and smart report for the meeting or conference as well. Share the report with top management to help them refine their decisions.

Competitive Analysis Chart Template

Chart with milestones, Gantt for analysis market strategies is ready to use, different illustration in reporting may adding stars in your report.

Competitor Analysis Template PowerPoint

PowerPoint slides for quick summary of particular project is also available in this pack of template.

Competitor Analysis Template google docs

You can share this report with other with help of online Google Docs document, we already test this template regarding its compatibility.

Competitive Analysis Template ux

UX format is also available as per request by customer

Competitive analysis report template excel is ready in different formats, so request or quotes us about any particular template.

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