Construction Cost Estimate Template

Build own construction cost estimate excel sheet, residential and excel sheet cost estimation civil engineering.


By making use of cost calculation, you are able to make accurate estimates for starting a business, growing it further, estimated costs for a specific project, and costs calculation for the manufacturing or product, recipe cost in the restaurants and so on. This is vital tool required before making financial decisions for the company as well. no matter what kind of business you are associated it or the reason for cost estimating, a good decision is always based on the availability of data and this is easier with building cost calculator template.

Competitor Analysis Report Template Excel

Whether you are planning to have a personalize sheet which is just according to your business requirements or need or looking for a spreadsheet which is just ready to go, cost calculator worksheet is available here. Moreover there is no need for building a one from scratch as you are able to download it and start filling it to estimate cost for the start business or project.

Components of Cost Calculator Template

To help you determine the cost, you may need to understand the components of the template well. Here are the key components of the template:

Project cost estimation

A hard job often for a project manager is to analyze actual cost for a project. To make it simple and easy, a simple to use excel spreadsheet is available here for you!

Project ID

Each project has specific ID like the roll number given to student in the class. Start adding the projects ID here for which you are interest in calculating cost. Project flow chart template.

Project stages

Each stage of the specific project may acquire different cost to accomplish. This is also true from the direct costs and indirect costs perceptive. Do add the specific project all stages here. The cost will be calculated for each stage separately.

AVG material cost

Usually the biggest expense and cost for the project stage to accomplish is material cost. Enter the raw material or other material cost for the specific stage of the project here. Add it in $$.

AVG required quantity

This column is to show the average quantity of material required for each stage of the project. The material estimated average cost is dependent on this one!

Average labor cost

Start entering the average labor cost here for each of the stage of the project. This may take time as you need different types of labor for a specific job to complete.

Average labor hours

Add the hours here for the labor for the specific stage of the project.

Per Unit Utility Cost & Total Cost Per Unit

These last column are there to help you analyze the per unit utility cost and total cost per unit for each of the stage of the project.


Units to be produced are therefore calculate by the template and total estimate cost for each specific project as well.

Types of Cost Estimation

  • Construction Cost Estimate Excel
  • Cost Estimation of Civil Engineering Project
  • Building Cost Estimate

Construction Cost Estimate Excel

Commercial building or any project costing analysis template in excel for Pre-analysis of starting any project. It’s a pretest budget estimation with graphical detail about schedule projects.

Construction Cost Estimate Template

Cost Estimation of Civil Engineering Project

Civil engineering tasks of particular commercial project with civil work, charts and other estimation calculators for exact value or forecast analysis about particular project scope.


So download build cost calculator template in excel sheet.

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