Access Template for Hotel Reservation

Hotel reservation template simply guides you to the availability of the rooms in a hotel. Download template in Microsoft Access (Small Software). This database template makes easy for you entire system. As well as it also guides you with the information about what kind of rooms available? How many available, and the rent of the rooms. These are also use to guide people about the status of the rooms that are available in the certain hotel. Hotels (organization) should use this template to put and update the data about the hotel rooms. it is an efficient way to optimize your efforts and make use of them efficiently in a structured way. Just forget about the manually filling up the data about the room availability it is very much easy to use it.

Using this template you isn’t require any special skill. You can also use this template for hostel, motel and other reservation system business. In this hotel reservation template first section includes the details about how much rooms are available for booking and how much rooms are booked for on the specific dates. It also includes the;

  • Facility
  • Low season price
  • Peak season price
  • of rooms available

Hotel Room Reservation Access Template (feature)

The facilities subsection includes all the information about the condition and supplies available in the room. For instance, 3 beds, AC, TV, Satellite and the Wi-Fi.

Low season details are also given as low season dates and the prices are also mentioned season vise in the low and peak season heads or columns.

There is also a column of no. of rooms that how much rooms are available in different prices.

Booking Guest Information:

It also includes booking guest information in which available rooms information is stored as kind of single rooms, deluxe rooms. And this section also shows which room is booked by whom individual. And which room has stayed guests for what duration. And the booked room convenience can also be traced by considering this section.

Availability room number information:

The room numbers information is shown here monthly that how much rooms booked in the march, April or whatever month. You can see the monthly information by reviewing this section of this template.

Availability of room Type:

This section gives information on the daily basis as in days. Which type of room will be available on which day as well as this section specify the rooms convenience as luxury, simple, deluxe rooms.

Guest Monthly Recap

In this section monthly summary of the guest stayed and their all information included in this section like if a guest stays in a rooms his/her email, his family, children, date on which they stays up, phone , price and discount information’s.

So this template is also available in MS excel and other database format. Contact us if you want in other format as well. The use of access template for hotel reservation in my judgement empowers you to work professionally.

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