Microsoft Access uncomplicated Business Purchase Order Database that is a completely highlighted Elementary Professional Purchase Order framework assembled totally in Microsoft Access tables, structures, reports, and VBA. Microsoft Access Template is a DBMS database management system. It manages all the information hence, it is an information supervision instrument that helps us and the small-medium sized organizations to store, disseminate, information and data for the analysis and for the daily use

Why I Use Access Tool?

Microsoft Access is designed for the small, medium sized businesses and organizations. It can manage data better than the other applications like Microsoft Excel and other databases. you can increase productivity by using Microsoft Access. It also aids you to minimize the chances of data redundancy, data misleading information, missing errors.

Customer Order Tracking Database Template

The Basic Purchase Order database offers the capacity to set up sellers, contacts, salespersons and buy arrange sorts and the capacity to enter buy orders into your Basic Business Purchase Order database. A Canned Purchase Order report is likewise incorporated into the database including the capacity to email the buy arrange.

Things Included in Microsoft Access:

  1. Tables
  2. Relations
  3. Inquiries
  4. Methods
  5. Reports
  6. Instructions
  7. Components

Benefits of Using Microsoft Access Purchase Order Template

  1. You can track data of all the purchases
  2. Data of all vendors
  3. Customers Data available
  4. Summary of all orders and sales
  5. Efficient to use
  6. Easy to use
  7. Fully customizable

Purchase Order Tracking Access Database

It’s a complete database of purchase orders or you can see the order status to required quantities of orders, promised delivering date, shipping date, receiving date, the supplier information, these all can be managed via this purchase order template of Microsoft access.

There are different steps to understand it fully and then use it. In purchase order,  you must have to fill the following details to make a summary review in the template.

Order Picking Access Database Template

PO (Purchase order number):

purchase order number is a serial number that are going sequence vise as per order number is going.


Purchase order I.D is set by the company itself it must be mentioned.


The supplier names must be mention here for the record and status tracking purpose. Sometimes supplier has assigned with the number or coded by the company so instead of names so that should be mentioned in this column.

Order date:

The date on which the order has been placed to the supplier for the product or may be the raw material of the product  that date must be mention here.

Product Inventory Database Template for Access


From this column, you can check the status of the order that either it has been completed or not yet received from supplier. For access purchase order database template, you must view these requirements.

Required date:

The date on which you demand the material delivery from suppliers.

Shipping date:

The date of shipping when the supplier ship the product to deliver.

Receiving date:

The date must be mention on which you receive the desire product or raw material must be mention for record purpose.

Products ordered:

In the end, we must give the order specifications that which type of product you want from the supplier. As well as what are the specification if customize.

Quantities demanded

Lastly, you must mention that how much quantity you need to order to the supplier to deliver.

Unit price:

The unit price must be mention and it will be mention by the supplier and mention here is crucial.


In addition, the template automatically calculates the subtotal of the order that you want to make. IN conclusion, I must say it would help you to maintain records and communicate effectively. For more custom access purchase order template, you can direct contact with our developers.

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